Greenhouse Purchase


So a new adventure with a 1300 square foot greenhouse.  Plants and more plants. Tropicals, herbs, annuals, perennials, and annuals we try to make perennials cause they are gorgeous.  And we can do that with cuttings by placing in fresh potting soil or a cup full of water.

My husband and I want to convert to all organic methods, but steps are to be taken to reach that goal.  We will definitely use organic potting soil and fertilizers for our edible plants.  All pure and natural for the food intake of ourselves and our clients.  The tropicals are beautiful, so we will use the methods Peggy (our predecessor) has used for the past 36 years.  We think she knows some things and we could learn from her.  Like how to divide and repot a huge Boston fern or plucking the blossoms of lush dragon-wing begonias (even though they are so colorful on these gray November days and we hope they will produce even more blossoms and be even more full come spring!)  Experience comes wisdom.  We yield to age.  Dean & I are getting there ourselves …

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