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Missouri Wines


Missouri wines are a local treat, we are just minutes away from the closest winery.  Pictured are bottles of local wines served at Dean & I’s Hermann, Missouri wedding dinner.  Indulge before, during, and after …


Missouri Wines

The end of May Deanna Greens and Garden Art will be housed just down the road from the elegant Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance.   We will be a vendor at their Sunday afternoon Farmers’ Market this growing season.  Come indulge!

Down The Row


Working down the field row of freshly planted garlic bulbs, I cover each bulb with the organic soil using a hoe at the historic Mueller Farm in Ferguson, Missouri.  Those bulbs will sprout greens very soon, as we have had a mild winter.   Garlic greens add so much flavor to stir frys, salads, and mashed potatoes.

November Garlic Planting

Lush Deanna Greens Houseplants

Gazing down a greenhouse row of beautiful houseplants and perennials, asking myself,  “what did we get ourselves into”?  So many plants to care for in this 1300 square foot greenhouse.  Memorial Day weekend Deanna Greens and Garden Art will move this greenhouse to Boone Hollow Farm in Defiance, Missouri.  We will have a moving sale on houseplants not sold before the big move.  We will convert to total organics, and grow more edibles, lots of vegetables and herbs. 


Pen & Paper


The written word seems foreign now.  Particularily I am talking about the old-fashion long-hand letter writing and journaling.  You know … what we did before Word docs, Word Press, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  Some of our famous poems and quotes were birthed in these letters and journals.  Authors such as Thoreau, Twain, and Whitman are American classics.  “Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart,” writes William Wordsworth.  So I regret I have put aside my pen and paper.  A letter or two to my estranged aunt, uncle, and cousin while wrongful imprisoned would be good for them as well as me.  And I regret that I  do not journal each day as I once did. In was my sanity through the most difficult days in my 1st marriage.   Garden journaling would be so therapeutic, like gardening is.

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart. ~William Wordsworth

I have found a writer’s colony in the Ozarks.   My new husband and I will visit there this weekend.  We have in mind to write a historical novel based on real characters we have known in our lives.  These characters are full of whit, adventure, and stature.  We are in the autumn years of our lives.  And we have much to say as the winter years come quicker than we like to think …

Dinner Bell Ready


Ready to Eat?!

The dinner bell has rung!  Are you ready to eat?!  I know I am with all these scrumptious dishes laden with vegetables of tantalizing flavors and texture combinations at a EarthDance Farms potluck.  Another potluck coming up this Sunday to welcome the freshman farmies.