Deanna Greens and Garden Art

Greenhouse/Screenhouse April 2020

In July 2017 a new page had been added to this site, a blog called Woman Warrior.  This is birthed from the need for women, me included to continue in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual battles knowing victory is ours.

In August 2018 another new page was created, “Deanna’s Cottage”.  Writings and musings of our newly purchased 4-room house in historic St. Charles, Missouri will be found here.  It is on the preservation list for our neighborhood, The Commons. Built in 1941 during the WWII, this charming home has all the original woodwork, trim, doors, and flooring.  Recently, we have revealed the rich, warm color of its original wood floor in living room.  In December 2018 we opened our cottage to travelers for a few select weekends during the year using the Airbnb reservation venue. 

In March 2021 I started teaching culinary classes at St. Charles Community College Continuing Education in their new facility located in Dardenne Prairie. I teach children and adults. You can also find me at local venues. Visit my page “Culinary Classes” for more info.

In the spring/summer of 2022 I have added a page “Flock Together Mercantile”, which includes my email address to contact me if you are interested in a button journal or trinket box to help support my daughter with her medical needs.

In August of 2022 I have added a page “Deanna Writes”, which includes my latest bio, reads, published and unpublished writings.

Anna Gall
February 2023

This website started in 2011, a place to write about how plants, the arts, people, animals, nature, weather, life, and death are in relation to you and I … We all are connected to the same earth. Perennials, herbs, vegetables, and flowers are my joy.  Ever evolving, Deanna Greens and Garden Art aims to repurpose materials, grow edible & adorable plants using organic & sustainable methods, create art in the process, be kind to the earth & its critters, and take advantage of those teachable moments with the community around us.  Our greenhouse structure is currently housed on Boone Hollow Farm near Defiance in the beautiful Boone region, the beginnings of Missouri’s wine country.  It is solely solar, no electric, so it is usable 8 – 9 months out of the year in Missouri. 

In 2022, we have decided to seek another plant lover who would be willing to take on the 1200-ft greenhouse at their own location.  Dean and I have already moved some items out of the greenhouse and the teardown impending. Mixed emotions, but know it is time for a change as life’s priorities change. We will continue with growing at our cottage in St. Charles; therefore, this blog will continue to share similar posts as before.

Greenhouse @ Boone Hollow Farm

Where the fun began in 2011!

Deanna’s Cottage

Our pebble patio and rock garden built in 2020.

Blogger, Writer, Instructor

Anna Gall, Summer 2020

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  1. Thank you so much for following my blog, and for all the likes and comments! My stepson’s girlfriend lives near St. Louis; I’ll suggest that she look for you at farmers’ markets.

    Happy new year,

    • We will be at the Clayton Farmer’s Market this winter. Come late spring we will be at the Ferguson Market, and deciding between the Clayton & the O’Fallon Markets. Can only be 2 places with 2 of us! I welcome your kin. Please have her look me up.
      I was the follower who asked you about Richmond. Is it a good city to live in? Cost of living good? Housing? Farmer’s markets? Sustainable agriculture in and around Richmond? Still considering a position there that is similar to what I do in St. Louis, but need a pay raise after 4 years of pay freezes in St. Louis County. And I feel a need for a fresh start as a “midlife second wife” in a new setting for both of us “together”.

  2. Anna, I am so proud of your work,, and all that your doing,, you are truly amazing my friend!! I wish you and Dean all the best!!!!

  3. Beth, thank you! We are tight on time and resources, but make do. Life is too short not to do the things that are important and fulfilling. Blessings always!

      • Um. Well, it is involved, so pay close attention!
        1. Save the image (the orange daisy) to your computer. Do this by:
        a. Right click on it
        b. Select “save picture as . . .” which should send it directly to your photo-managing section of your computer.
        2. Get the image onto your WordPress photo archive by:
        a. Go to dashboard
        b. Select media button about halfway down side of side toolbar on dashboard.
        c. Use the window that opens to browse and upload the orange daisy picuture, just as you would any photo for your blog., except do not publish.
        d. At the bottom of this window should be a url for the photo. Copy it.
        3. On dashboard,select “widget” section of the “Appearance” tool on toolbar along left side of dashboard. Drag the “image” widgetover to the sidebar area, I would think along the right side.
        4. Open the image widget by clicking on tiny arrow/triangle. Find the slot for the image url, and paste the url you copied right there.
        5. Indicate size by filling in width and height window. I suggest 175 x 175, for a trial size.
        7. SAVE!!!!
        8. Close widget window and check your site to see if the daisy now appears in the sidebar. If it is too large, go back and try 150 x 150.
        9. SAVE!!!! Check again.
        Then follow the steps, thanking with link, answering the questions, and awarding to others with links. To get the image into the body of the post, just get it off your computer, as if it were a photo, and insert into the post. This is the best way for others to get their own copies of it.

        There. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚ Kathy

  4. There should be a place on your site where I can click and open a window that takes my email info. After that, all your posts will come to my email inbox. I mean, every time you post anything here, I will get it in my email inbox, so I will know and can come over here to reply. Do you have such a button on your site?

  5. Hi, I love your blog!! I am holding a Fall Festival at my church in Warrenton, Mo; Nov 2, 2013 and think your items would be awesome to have there…I don’t know if you go and display your items other than farmers markets, but if you are interested I can give you all the info you need. Again. love the blog!!

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