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Slow Is Simple

Life in the eyes of a child … simple.

A child’s life moves in slow motion though they run and play with full speed.  My granddaughter Ella wants to experience life to the fullest, yet slows down to view upclose a green frog hopping in the garden.  Life is simple as a child.  Slow is simple.  Simply said …

Green frog in the garden, a child’s bauble, maybe prince charming, a fairy tale in the making …

Leafy Green Cravings


So I am salivating while planting a micro green mix and red sails leaf lettuce seeds at the greenhouse … I think viewing this July vacation photo of a salad made by my longtime Minnesota friend, Tamie Jensen started it! 

Is it not a palette to behold?!  I am craving leafy greens … like fresh spinach, pac choy, arugula, leaf lettuce, borage, you name it!  Some of these items can be purchased at most local grocery stores, and fewer even have the organic variety.  And how far did these items have to travel to my local Schnucks or Dierbergs? And how much did that price tag say??? I am not willing to pay $5.99  for a pound “fresh” spinach that was grown 2,000 miles away!  I have become “spoiled” or a better word “selective” in my grocery purchases after farming with EarthDance Farms this past year.  Organic and local are the way to go for optimum health.  I froze several bags of spinach, swiss chard, and kale from my field labors this past growing season.  I just want fresh right now! Deanna Greens and Garden Art  recently bought this 1300 square foot greenhouse full of houseplants and flowering plants.  And it now makes way for my leafy greens!  Not quite the same as spring or autumn sunshine…  but it is organically grown, local, and cost pennies to those dollars! In 4 – 6 weeks I will be satisfied when a few of our nasturium blossoms and leaves are married with Deanna Greens and Garden Art’s very own leafy greens …

Lemon Muffin Cakes


I arose this Sunday morning with the notion to bake.  Fresh lemon thyme await usage, so I adapted a tried & true blueberry muffin cake recipe to accommodate my lemon thyme.  I steeped the lemon thyme in warmed milk, and added the zest of 1 lemon into this butter based batter.  The last of my poopy seeds in the cupboard went into the muffin recipe as well.  The aroma of lemon filled my home, and awaken my husband.  I steeped earl grey tea in my mug while he grinded his coffee beans and proceeded with his coffee ritual.  I finished the warm muffin cakes with a lemon juice and powdered sugar glaze before indulging.  Now we refrained and saved 10 muffins for my oldest daughter and her family.  She just had her 30th birthday, and the kids were under the weather most of the week.  We dropped off the goodies after church … Sure hope these lemon muffin cakes brought  sunshine to their home …



Missouri is experiencing a winter blast on this New Year’s Day.  Daydreaming about sunny days at Hilton Head Island (October 2010) and Valhalla on Island Lake in Minnesota (July 2011) … wishing to be in warmth and sunshine … I reflect where 2011 went and where 2012 is going like the sunrise and sunset …

Sunrise at the Cabana


Valhalla Sunset

Birthdays, holidays, a graduation, and homecoming court were celebrated with family and friends.  These are frequent with 6 children, 5 grandkids, 2 sets of parents, 5 siblings, 6 neices & nephews, grandparents, and old & new friends.  But one celebration was bittersweet. The life of my 95-year grandmother was celebrated at her memorial service in August.  Grandma Paula’s  last Christmas, she is pictured with Grandpa Earl, our youngest 5th generation grandson, Eli and his mommy, Rachel .

 For 9 months in 2011 Dean and I were apprentices for an organic farm called EarthDance Farms in Ferguson, Missouri. We enjoyed it so much that will do more than same as “sophomore farmies”. We purchased our very own greenhouse so we can play in the dirt even more.  Here is a photo of Dean & I as Santa & Mrs. Claus for Ferguson’s 4th of July Parade themed “Christmas in July”.  We celebrated our nation’s  freedom with our EarthDance friends before the Minnesota vacation to Valhalla to see old friends.   My 33 & 1/3 high school reunion came in September, and Rainer’s homecoming court in October.

“A mirror reflects a man’s face, but what he is really like is shown by the friends he chooses.”  Proverbs 21:19

So glad my husband is my best friend, and together we choose good company.