Poem “Seashells” found in Dairy Hollow Echo

Anna Marie Gall

Journaling, blogging, poetry, and short stories.
Words shared from the heart!

A recent bio was written about Anna and her therapeutic poetry found at Flapper Press’ website.


Birthday blessings sent

pretties, fragrant gifts, songs too

thankful for fam, friends

your love expressed uniquely

Anna Marie Gall August 30, 2022


Spring Days Want To Stay

Colors vibrant of purple grape to delft blue

wild hyacinths have popped all anew

under the dogwood tree and red twinged brush

amongst the fresh green grass so plush.

Too warm to be wet snowflakes gathering

fluttering cherry blossoms are what cold winds bring

with every moment and each subsequent spring day

comes bearing hope between the clouds, those sunrays.

Anna Marie Gall April 18, 2022


Anna’s black-out poem won 1st Place in 2022 Flapper Press’ Valentine Poetry Challenge. 

My delicious lover,

thyme for sugar

and creamy butter.

Stir in love,

sifted, powdered,

share the balm.                                                                                                           

Pour fresh glaze

from the beginning

to the ending.

Living, loving,

you are as good as you look.

Anna Marie Gall January 22, 2022



Fresh sprouts of pea green.

Greens dot the trees on the slopes.

Clover green.

Emerald green.

Green green.

Olive green.

Mustard green.

Lime green.

Wake up earth to spring green!

Anna Marie Gall March 30, 2021