Networking vs Sales


Our 1st market finally came and went. We set up a colorful palette with holiday county plaid fabrics contrasting with our luscious green plants. I think we had the prettiest table. Dean primped while and I went around introducing myself at our 1st market day on Saturday. The weather was mild for early December. Perfect for our plants for traveling and making their way into the indoor market.  Networking was great.  It is a viable part of marketing and makes for an enjoyable time for all.  Jessie Pearl, CEO of Sugar & Butter and Estie, Queen Bean are my new friends.  Jessie’s and Estie’s food products are scrumptious.  A little bartering kept me happy.  Sales were slow, but our name and product are being introduced.  Those business cards and product labels did not come in time, but hope to see them tomorrow in the mail.   Need to pass those out as people asked for one.  Off to another indoor market in Tower Grove next Saturday.  See who I make friends with there …

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  1. There will be many markets that turn into “networking” versus sales. But keep the positive attitude and you’ll have loads of fun. Getting to know your neighbors is always fun and you’ll start seeing your new friends at shows you least expect. Have fun!

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