Living Green Things


I want to be in my greenhouse today, but instead I need to be at my office.  I have a few green things growing near my desk.  They are green reminders of the living earth opposingly different than the fax, copier, laptop, printer, and phone system made of hard plastic and metal screws.  My co-worker dubs each of our plants with a name  characterized by who gave it.  I have a beautiful arrowhead philodenren named “Brian” after my ex library co-worker who give this to me 8 years ago. Three out of 5 ladies enjoy the living green things in the office.  Yesterday I welcomed a red-leaf philodenren we named “Peggy” after the lady Dean & I bought the greenhouse from.  I need the oxygen my plants provide and the pleasures of seeing living green things 24/7.  Friends forever …

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