Sea Shells


My stepson visited the South Padre Islands during his spring break.  He shared this lovely photo.   These sea shells have so many different designs, arranged in the sand based on species, time, water, sun, the whole life system.  Below is a poem sparked by the photo …

Our lives are like sea shells in the sand. 

Arranged on a palette, seemingly haphazardly.  

A beautiful seascape with the ocean, sun, wind,

and sparkling sands highlighting.

Small, significant, striped, or speckled shells.

Ridged, in the rough, raw, reckless, and ruffled.

Omnipresent, opaque, oval, and an oyster’s home.

 Is your life smooth sailing right now? 

Or does it feel hollow echoing sounds,  

reminders of voices from the past? 

Storms interrupting life?

There  is a Pearl awaiting discovery.

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    • Use broad-leaf ivy in those hard to plant places like close to the AC unit. You can plant bulbs (iris, daffodils, tulips, etc) to sprout from underneath the ivy to create color. The wire hanging planters near the fence can be lined with moss or other natural liner and filled with beautiful red or pink geraniums, as well as vinca and/or lobelia trailing over. Just a couple of ideas … have fun and start with one project at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

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