Sliver of Pink


At dusk the sunset shown scattered slivers of pink while driving to St. Charles County from Pike County.  It reminded me of the sliver of  pink on my father’s cheeks Grandpa pointed out while he and I visited Dad last evening.  My 97-year old grandfather had not been able to make the 1-hour trip to see his son for 7 weeks due to the  summer heat wave and car engine malfunctions.   We made this trip possible especially this week.  Hospice care seems to think this may be my father’s last week.  The two, father and son greeted each other with gladness in their hearts and faces.  Something I will never forget. 

It seems wrong for a father to say “goodbye” to his son, no matter how old you are. 

Their last words “You take care, son.”  “See you later, Pops!”

Good bye is not forever … Thank You, Jesus for eternal life!

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  1. It is not ‘right’ for a father/parent to bid farewell to a child- possibly forever in our earthly life. But, the ‘nuggets’ to take away from this to me are: DON’T hesitate to tell the ones you love — what your love for them consist of–what are some of the adjectives that drives your feelings of love for them. The love between father & son was felt by those of us in the room last night. Even more noteable in the few words that were shared between father and son. I am fortunate to have been there. deanomosquito

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