Missouri Wines


Missouri wines are a local treat, we are just minutes away from the closest winery.  Pictured are bottles of local wines served at Dean & I’s Hermann, Missouri wedding dinner.  Indulge before, during, and after …


Missouri Wines

The end of May Deanna Greens and Garden Art will be housed just down the road from the elegant Chandler Hill Vineyards in Defiance.   We will be a vendor at their Sunday afternoon Farmers’ Market this growing season.  Come indulge!

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  1. We are surrounded by vineyards here in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. We’ve indulged several times. Local wines, local foods, local suppliers – may seem like an indulgence to some (i.e. costly) but to those who know – it’s only the very best.

    • Please tell me where you are from? So you heard of Missouri wines! They are delicious! Hermannhof Winery in Hermann makes two of my favorites, White Lady of Starkenburg and their Cherry Wine is superb! Also, Montelle Winery in Augusta makes another lucious fruit wine, Peach that I recommend! Thanks for posting! And I love your “indulge” photo.

    • Of course I know who you are! I wrote the wrong comment to you a couple of minutes ago. You may have received? I had asked this person where they were from because she said she had heard of Missouri wines and how good they are.
      Yes, we will need to visit the restaurant at Chandler Hill. This is where we will be at Memorial Day weekend for the Sunday farmers’ market. We met with the O’Fallon farmers’ market folks this morning. I will share later about this market … great things going on with their move to Lake Saint Louis. We are signed up to start with them on Saturday, April 15. They start 6 weeks earlier than the Sunday market at Chandler. We will do both markets most weekends. Have lots of green inventory to sell!

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