Home Is Simple


Being home today brought a sense of belonging.  I am rarely home, and it was wonderful to be here.  “Home is where the heart is” as the saying goes.  I took a stroll around the yard checking the greenhouse plants that now make home here.  They like it here!  They nestle between trees and shrubs and in our lime green screen house.  The beautiful Japanese maple and dogwood trees in the photo below provide shelter so filtered sunlight peeks between the lush leaves, perfect for the red leaf philodenrons and ferns.After my morning stroll I ate my tuna sandwich and sipped on iced gingerale with the windows open, fresh air gently blowing in, and sunshine beaming through the tree branches.  This lovely May day brought another mild evening with a cooling breeze.  Ah, it is quiet at home as I am here by myself.  Only the sounds of birds tweeting while I prepare dinner.  Dean is visiting with family at his son’s out-of-town graduation.  Simple.  No conversation, no TV, no need for music as I sing my own tunes today. Life is good.

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