How Was Our 1st Outdoor Market Day?


We loaded up the Deanna Greens and Garden Art van with perennials, a few houseplants, and loads of tomato and herb plants the Friday night before the opening of the outdoor market for this growing season.  And it was the first at the Lake Saint Louis Farmers’ and Artists’ Market.  We knew the forecast, and it was pretty accurate.  As I drove down the highway about 6:40am Saturday morning I approached “midnight”.  The darkness was lit up with lightning, and the wind terrific.  I prayed “Please God no tornadoes!”   God heard my plea and had mercy on me!  Dean & I were soaked putting up our new tent and unloading our green inventory.  But our plants loved the rain when sheltered somewhat from the gusts of wind as neighboring tents went up.  Not quite like the greenhouse! But the tent, their temporary home, held up through the wind and rain.  Our featured garden art were handmade pottery from my sister-in-law, Joan Bates and my sister’s photo cards.  We managed to keep them dry.  And the people came with umbrellas and ponchos!  Amazing how a community can get so excited about a farmers’ market!  St. Louis news media showed up to capture the event despite our bad hair day!  Look for Deanna Greens and Garden Art on Show Me St. Louis.  Airing time to be posted later.    It was a good market day for us!    Check out more details of the LSL Farmers’ and Artists’ Market:

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  1. Hooray for a good start, despite Mother Nature!! Hope you didn’t catch pheumonia–it’s got to get better (weatherwise esp.)

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