Today & Every Morning


I work in the county seat of Clayton, Missouri, the  hub for many financial institutions, businesses, and the government offices for St. Louis County.  Every morning when I arrive next to the Police Headquarters building, a peregrine falcon calls from the Commerce Bank building, which is at least 20 stories high.  It is a destinct call, and it echos between the other tall skyscrapers.  Today was no exception.  Although I appreciate the photo of the week challenge, to take  a photo of this peregrine falcon would show up as a speck in the photo as I do not have  a  zoom lens.   I cannot enter the rooftop of the bank building.  I am sharing an online photo of a peregrine falcon found on the city hall and courthouse in Minneapolis.   I have yet to see this falcon and his companion up close other than through binoculars.  I see remnants of where they have been, torn feathered wings of pigeons along the sidewalks and on top of my 5-story building.  Someday I may witness an attack in flight.  Until then, I enjoy the echos of their calls to each other.   They seem to need each other. 


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