No Wining Just Relaxing


Deanna Greens and Garden Art vended at the Chandler Hill Vineyards’ Farmers’ Market this past Sunday afternoon.  Talk about a beautiful autumn day!  Crisp breeze with the sun peeping between tents and grapevines.  I loved the ambiance, music, and magic of the countryside, just 1 mile from our greenhouse site in Defiance, MO. Chatted with familar fellow vendors and met a few new friends.  I did not partake in the wine as my Dean was down the road working at the greenhouse site.  It only takes 2 drinks, and I am ready to dance the table tops!  Though last time we were vending at Chandler Hill Vineyards I savored their River Birch Sparkling Red, a Missouri sweet wine with red raspberries, black plum, and sweet cherry sharing  a bottle with Dean and his parents.   After my Monday yesterday at my full-time job in the midst of flu vaccine clinics and onsite fitness class set-ups for 4,000 employees , I am ready for another autumn afternoon wining Sunday! 

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      • I live in the Bible belt and folks do not make wine, here. Although the official opinion is that drinking is very dangerous or maybe even sinful, we find some people with whom we can share a sample with a meal, and plenty of restaurants that serve, to whom, I’m not sure. 😉
        However, as for local wines, I have my late mom’s pear wine recipe which won Best of Show at a festival in Mexico, MO, about ten years ago. And it does make a very good semi-sec that has a golden color not unlike brandy, and packs a little punch. And the PEARS here are superb!
        Since I, myself, make this, does it count for our local wines? 😀 We love it and our friends do, too. (Our wine-bibing friends, that is. The other friends are wonderful people, but . . . ) 😉

  1. Pear wine sounds sweet and tasty! My grandfather made homemade wine and stored them in old whiskey barrels. His wines had an extra “punch” to them. Grandpa experimented and made wine from mulberry, blackberry, apple, apricot, anything that would ferment. Good memories.

      • No, but I will ask him. Grandpa is still with us, will be 97 this month of October. If I know him like so many of our grandparents, it was a little of this and a handful of that … But I will write down what I can.

      • I’m guessing it really doesn’t matter what we put in, as much as we like to think it does! 😉 But he will feel honored that you would like to know, I’d bet!

    • Oh, and MOST hand-crafted wines pack more punch than commercial, due to not being deliberately diluted to meet FDA alcohol rules, or something.
      You know, when it snows over Thanksgiving, sometimes we have to travel home via I-55, through St. Louis to get to mid-MO safely . . . You’d be in the greenhouse-only season of your business with no weeding or transplanting going on, right? . . . 🙂

      • I would be tickled to meet you if you are in town, though our family plans have not been finalized due to my father’s terminal illness. Not sure where and what day the Bates Family gathering will be. Contact me closer to Thanksgiving, I will know. Yes, the greenhouse is not too busy at that time, though we have redesigned our greenhouse to have a “hoop house” on one half and the other half will be the “greenhouse”. In November we will be building raised beds for the hoop house. I hope to meet you here or somewhere in the future if Thanksgiving weekend does not work out. Be blessed this week!{:D

      • I am sorry we missed a visit at Thanksgiving time. I trust you had a good holiday. We will be around at Christmas and New Year’s as well, if you are traveling this way. Our greenhouse structure is coming along. See my post on 11/14 with photos.

      • Oh, Dear! We are dealing with my father-in-law’s quick demise, right now. He is mostly angry and hard on his wife. Lotsa trips to N.Mo., and lots of second guessing. This is hard. HOW I WOULD LOVE TO GO SOMEWHERE JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! However, most of my going out is for sad business, and most of my free time is devoted to collapsing in the calm quiet of my own space. So sorry. There will likely be several trips to MO, during which we will cross I-70 and I will think, “Turn right. Turn right . . . ” and we will just keep on going because this is what good children must do. Thanks for your lovely invitations. The day will come. It will. ❤ K

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