39 Degrees!


Brrr!  It got down to 39 degrees one  night this week!  We found shelter for our tropicals, since the greenhouse is still being rebuilt.  Our garage makes a nice make-shift greenhouse.  Some tropicals have new homes already.  Like that 12-foot fiddle leaf fig.  It is repotted into a beautiful red ceramic pot and placed inside our parents’ condo with a cathedral ceiling, only 2 miles away.  We can still care for it until we get an eager buyer.  Then there is our biggest hibucus that will be transplanted into a bigger pot next week, as well as our big bird of paradise.  These too will be 2 miles from us.  Some of our littler tropicals make their way to my full-time workplace.  We have a large foyer near the elevator with windows nearby.  Deanna Greens and Garden Art plants will like their new indoor home for the autumn and winter months.  Tomorrow we will have mild weather for the 1st day of autumn. I love autumn, the palette it sets.  And the cooler, crisp air.  Wind blowing in the leaves.  The bittersweet of autumn is saying “good bye” to some of the summer flowers I have so much enjoyed in my yard.  The greenhouse will be filled with green life once again in a matter of days.

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