A Jocund Season


So I relearned a neat word yesterday at the Toastmaster’s meeting, “jocund”.  It means “high spirited” , “joyful”, “cheerful”, … “chirpy”, which is another appropriate word to describe the season we are in.  Have you ever noticed how the birds chirp and chatter just before a cold front or snow storm comes?  They are busy about filling themselves with seeds and any bugs in sight before they “hunker down” (as Farmer Dave says on the 550 AM radio station in St. Louis, Dean & I’s wake-up station every morning) to protect themselves from the cold air.  Full bellies and colorful, warm feathered jackets.  Serene and quiet in their nests while the world is as white as snow.  Well, I think we people do the same.  We chirp and chatter making this a jocund season “noisy”.  Yes, lots of fuss over holiday gifts and food celebrations.  What kind of noise or song are you creating?  I hope it is one of good cheer, merry wishes, feeding each other good seeds, while sharing the peace, hope, and love that Jesus’ birth gave mankind. I hope for a serene and quiet moment for each of you during this jocund season! Birds in the Snow

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