I have been everywhere and back this past 10 days.  Yes, it has been that long since I posted on my blog.  Besides my full-time job and everywhere it sends me any given day, I have spent time with family, and of course at the greenhouse.  The greenhouse is not so crowded these days.  Yeh!  We have been selling many botanicals, perennials, and herbs, mostly at the Saturday farmers’ market.  Our wild-looking tomato plants have not been a hot selling item.  Not because of their looks we do not suppose, but because the township where we sell does not allow its residents to plant vegetable gardens!  Yes, you read that correctly.   I could not believe what I heard residents saying.  So our healthy, long-stemmed tomato plants have made new homes in organic farm fields as well as in family and friends’ yards where they are wanted.  Our farmers’ market clients have swooped up bedding plants and hanging planters.  Our greens are loved by others besides ourselves!  With my restless personality, we have started moving some other plants out of the greenhouse to our yard in preparation of our move Memorial Day weekend. Our “momma” plants, a huge arrowhead, rabbit’s fern, and red-leaf  philodendron are sheltered under the Japanese maple near our front porch.  The beautiful geraniums made their way to the wagon in our front yard.  And the Kingston ferns are loving the filtered sunlight under the big sugar maple.   My husband put up the screen house in the backyard ready to put the little plants on tables inside after this busy Mother’s Day weekend.  It the midst of all this activity, one evening I found an immature robin bird sleeping in the “momma” red-leaf.   It was awaken by my watering.  He scurried away from me in short flight, but hung around the front yard.  I think this robin bird became as restless as I feel.  He was not around the next morning.  So happy our plants made  a home for him while he was learning to fly.  Just hope the neighbor tom cat did not come around. 

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