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Sharing Life


Sharing life with those who surround me has helped me grow.  Like the 12-foot fig tree we pulled from the greenhouse in May.  It needed to be pulled out of the ground, taproot and all in order to move to our yard while the greenhouse is being rebuilt.  Apparently, it loves the companionship of our biggest,oldest maple tree as it has shot more fresh leaves in these 4 months than it had in past 4 years.  This maple tree has been struck by lightening and storm winds over the years.  It is bare in some places, missing branches and foliage.  Kind of “bald”, and showing its age.  But it provided shelter to another plant this record high-temp summer.   Sharing life.   So back to me.  I suppose there are days I ask “why do I care?” when a reward is not in sight such as a pay raise or guaranteed friendship.  Yet, I share my lfe, talents, and hard work for the betterment of my fellow man and woman.  As incomplete as I am, through Jesus I am complete.  The grace of God.  I want to see others grow, flourish, and bloom.  I want to encourage my employees to take care of themselves, and I find joy providing the tools to do so.  I want my children to love unconditionally; each other, their significant others, children, and those they are surrounded with.  I want my husband to know without a doubt he is loved just the way he is.  I want my grandfather, parents, and siblings to know I love them, and still need them in my life no matter how old I am.  Sharing life, no matter what your circumstances, condition, or age you are in, is worth it.  Watch how others grow … and yourself.