Contrasting Weather


I watch the weather like a farmer.  I grew up with this ritual, and continue.   Spring seems to bring the storm fronts, but its started early this year.  Above normal warm one day, and then comes that front bringing clouds and rain followed by cooler air.  This cycle continues.  St. Louis’ record high for today is 84 degrees set in 1990, and record low is 1 degree in 1948.  The norms are 54 and 35, yet today we are currently at a sunny, clear sky 71 degrees.  It is gorgeous!  I took a stroll around the block during my lunch break.  The crab apple and bradford pear blossoms are busting out today!   A walk to the indoor pool after work will be refreshing, though still too cool for an outdoor pool!  The next front is due in on Wednesday.  This contrasting weather creates a beautiful palette for us to behold.  Clouds, storms, rains, sunshine, and rainbows …  Is not this a picture of life?

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