The Dew of Little Things


“For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed,”  Khalil Gibran shares with us.  It was a “little things day” yesterday.  I awoke early Sunday morning as usual, even after 3 of my grandkids’ slumber party continued well past my bedtime Saturday night, which needs to be at 9:00pm!  After perusing the yard, taking in the morning sunlight, I returned to my kitchen to cook eggs, sausage, and toast before the little ones and my exhausted husband awoke.  He was up late working on the jeep, trying to take apart the layers to access any engine damage.  It looks like it is “fatal” as Dean says.   Shopping for a new engine now, or a new vehicle.   I let my husband work on those details while I played and relaxed with the grandkids.   We watered the plants and played with the hose a bit.   Frisbee and the neighbors’ dogs filled up the rest of the morning.  After our afternoon nap and quiet time I feel refreshed.  We watched a hummingbird visit the canna blossom.  We played with a bouncy ball, colored, and watched a movie.   I showed my granddaughters how to propogate cuttings of wandering jew and swedish ivy.  The slower pace of the children quieted my spirit, even in the chasing after my 2-year old grandson.  “The dew of little things …” 

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