A Weekend Day In My Life


I had so much fun putting together a few words and photos for the WordPress “Day In My Life” photo challenge yesterday. That post focused on my weekday life. Please read that post: https://deannagreensandgardenart.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/a-day-in-my-life/
My weekend is somewhat different. I am not focused on employee wellness, but plant wellness! I want to share another small collection of words and larger collection photos to describe my other life. To simply say “green” describes my weekend day. “Green plants” to be exact. I love plants. I grew up with them, and cannot live without them. A few other essentials are identifying bugs; a walk to the greenhouse over the creek after visiting at the barn with the farm neighbors; herbs to make my dishes taste delicious; and lemonade, to make life sweet!

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    • Thank you, Tamie! It would be wonderful to be neighbors, Tamie! Life has me here in Missouri for now, and you at the much loved Valhalla. We will visit in July, and I want to experience a few days of Minnesota winter. You know, retirement is not too terribly far away. Dean & I dream of living in Minnesota for the 3 summer months, return to our Missouri during autumn & spring, and then Hilton Head Island or Charleston, SC during the winter months. Dreaming … and it might happen!

  1. Happy you enjoyed the photos, Sunshine. The barn in the photo is very similar to the one we visit every weekend at Boone Hollow Farms. The lemonade is flavored with lavendar, and I have the recipe on my What A Dish Recipes page. So refreshing and yummy! Thanks for visiting the blog!

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