Autumn’s Gatherings


Every autumn comes the day to gather the perennials indoors for their winter home, the basement. Dean and I know it is coming, and make room in the basement under the plant lights. Some years it is sooner rather than later. For 2021, it is much later. The cool mid-40’s mornings warm up quickly to warmer, mild afternoons. The weather forecast shows a probable frost in the 3-day forecast. I pluck falling gold, orange, and red leaves from the plants’ foliage and take cuttings while the perennials are outdoors. The cuttings we propagate for next spring’s pots. I gather a variety of these cuttings in water-filled recycled mayo and jelly jars. Both of my daughters have a love for our green friends so some jars of cuttings will get passed on.

Our perennials grew lusciously this summer, such a long summer season with rain. Our showiest pot is a Kingston fern with a philodendron planted together in April. I trimmed that thing three times already! Now gathered greenery fills our basement under the plant light tonight, their home for the next 5 months. I need to harvest the lasting herbs of mint, thyme, basil. oregano, and parsley, so the pots gather on the kitchen counter for tomorrow’s project. Our last single ketchup and mustard rose gets snipped and put into a bud vase to treasure just a few more days indoors. My northern friend shares her last rose in an amber vignette saved before Minnesota’s killing frost.

A nephew’s wedding brought us to a few family gatherings this weekend. Dean and I found some Edwardian era reproduction hats while on vacation in September to wear to the costume rehearsal dinner party. I found a suitable dress on sale from Victorian Trading, and Dean wore a dark suit with a vest and skinny tie, and both wore feathers in our caps! A fun gathering to distract from my sprained ankle, caring for aging parents, and work schedules. This evening our front porch awaits a gathering of Halloween trick-or-treaters.

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  1. Oh Anna, I love the photo of you and Dean! On Saturday we took out the last plant that we had stashed in the garage to Mom’s basement, as the garage is getting cold. Along with my dahlia tubers. The only thing left outside now are kale, which we will continue to enjoy for a little while, and some petunias and mums who live next to the house under the furnace exhaust. It was fun to see my rose photo in your blog! Steve mulched much of the lawn and put straw around the chickens… we’re snuggling in for the winter…fireplace lit and burning everyday now and looking forward to a big family Thanksgiving! Sending love!!

    • Good to hear from you Tamie! Dean and I had so much fun dressing up! This ritual of putting away of our green and flowering friends is mutual, isn’t it?! Kind of sad, but again nice to have all our friends under one roof. And you should enter your photos for publication! They are beautiful! Stay warm this winter, and lots of love and snuggles from your Missouri friends! Give our love to Steve! Anna and Dean

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